Dad’s Angels, was an idea, which popped up when I first held my little angel in my arms. It was the first time ever, I held a baby, which was just a week old. Her gleaming eyes with looks that penetrated into my soul are something that I can never forget. I made her a promise that I would do everything in my power to keep her happy.

Later on, as I took responsibilities of fatherhood, I noticed that am not the only one undergoing this phase. I could find several men sharing the load of parenting, a trend, which I think is novel to the age we live in.

A very quick search on Google, took me to a year-old article that stated that paternal leave is uncommon in almost 60% of the countries worldwide. These statistics shows how diminutive the role of father in parenting is perceived by business organizations. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to take paternal leave also received some jaw dropping responses. Unfortunately, the archaic viewpoint that mothers are caretakers and fathers are bread-winners still persists in most parts of the globe.

Needless to say that role of dads in parenting can never be underestimated.

Dad’s Angels, is a platform, which would bring all the fathers across the globe together. A platform, to chronicle the magical feeling they are going through as they see their little angels grow. A platform, to assist them in parenting queries and confusion. A platform, where they can have fun, share some beautiful moments with their kids.

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