As always, I am unable to fulfill my promise to blog regularly, at least once a week. As a father of a toddler, who walks all around the home, pulls every single cabinet and never leaves her dad for few seconds, it is becoming difficult to stick to the schedule. (I hate excuses, but can’t help it) Here’s a promise that you can expect a blog every two weeks from now on! (Less taxing for me!)

Today, the world is celebrating Father’s day and I wish every dad out there a very happy father’s day. I write this as the morning sun lazily peeps into my empty apartment. My daughter is visiting her grandparents along with her mother. I guess it would have been impossible for me to spend some time blogging if she were here.

Fatherhood is an amazing experience, specially when the little tot, you gave birth to, makes you realize every single second that you are the most important person in her life.This importance I enjoy makes me more responsible. I, now tend to understand the role I have to play in her life ahead and the need for me to stay fit and healthy to deliver those responsibilities. These little adjustments I am making in my life are taking me towards a healthier and happier life.

Seeing your child grow is the ultimate joy of fatherhood. My daughter was born premature and was fragile for most part of her first year. Activities such as standing, walking and others started bit slow. She used to fell down while walking. It was painful to see her sitting on the ground and asking me to lift her saying that she cannot walk. It became a custom to be around her whenever she played in the play area. She held my hands whenever she took the staircase of the slide, when she slid on the slide, on the see-saw, almost everywhere. Other kids of her age started to run across the play area.

One night, she held my hands and took me to the bench near her play area. She started to hit the bench and started saying, “Sit, Sit”. It was very cute. I thought she also wanted to sit with me, I picked her up and attempted to make her seated beside me. She wriggled out of my grip and moved towards the slides. I stood up and went near her. She pointed at the bench and started saying “Sit, Sit”. I went and sat on the edge of the bench, just to be ready to leap if anything unexpected happens.

She clutched on to the railings and took the stairs and reached the top of the slide. She waved me and screamed “Daddy! Daddy!” She was evidently happy. Then, she slowly moved towards the slide, sat down and slid down the slide, shouting, “Yaay!” and came running to me, clutched my legs, kissed my cheeks and went towards stairs again. She continued this cycle almost 20 to 30 times that day. She fell down a few times that day. But, I resisted getting up and helping her. It was very difficult for me to act as an audience, while she picked herself up, dusted her hands and continued with her act. She enjoyed a lot that day.

This taught me how to behave as a dad. It is very difficult to curb all those emotions, all those worries and let your child follow their dreams, let them fail, let them get hurt but maintain a calm steady composure on display while you go through an internal turmoil.

Happy father’s day once again!