Getting back to office on Mondays was hard earlier, but now after an eventful and joyous weekend with my daughter, it’s kind of torture to get back to work on Monday. As the glimpses of the fun I have had with my daughter plays back in my mind, I drive reluctantly to office. The state of mind transforms as soon as I hit the office floor. Pile of work starts assembling on my desk, with a promise to keep me busy for the next five days. 

Most of my colleagues are going through similar phase in their life – managing toddlers. Tea break conversations are mostly around kids and the mischievous things they do. The cafeteria was bustling that day and it was hard to find a table. One of my colleague, eldest among all of us, with two kids, asked, pretty seriously, “Does any of your kids do something special daily that moved you to tears?” Silence prevailed among the all-men group. Crying is a taboo for men in this part of the world, may be in most parts of the world. And Crying out of joy is an anomaly for souls like us under distress. 

He asked again “Anything that they do almost daily for you that moved you emotionally?”  

The phrase “For you” was important. They certainly do several acts daily that makes you go “Aww, cute!” but having those little angels do certain tasks for you is always special. 

Seeing no response, he continued. “My second one, just over one and half year old, each and every day, while I get ready for office, carries my office bag, loaded with laptop, lunch box and gives it to me. Then, she goes and gets my shoes, socks and keeps them in front of me” There were tears, as he described the little act of kindness that his kid does every day for him. “She never misses to do this. After giving me, all that is needed, she stands there smiling at me. That’s so adorable, I never seen my first kid doing any of these kind of activities”


As he continued to describe his daily episode with his daughter, I remembered one such act my one year old angel did when I feed her.

It is an ordeal to feed my daughter food, her hands need to be engaged, otherwise she will use them to evade any attempts to feed her.


It all started one day when I came home very tired. My wife was also in a similar situation, tired, unable to move. My little kid, started to raise siren like wails; she was hungry. I, thinking to save my wife from the trouble of feeding her, volunteered to feed my baby. I quickly prepared a smooth rice mixture with milk, poured into a bowl and wanted to feed her. That was the first time I was feeding her. She started to stare me for a long time, but surprisingly was co-operating. My wife was surprised. “Never, did she eat the way she is doing now when I feed her. I need to carry her and roam every nook and corner of apartment to keep her engaged” I was beaming with joy for obvious reasons.


That small break where I stopped to listen to my wife was enough to take her interest away from the food. She was playing all kinds of tricks to escape from any attempt to feed her. My wife suggested putting one more spoon in the mixture, I was feeding her. She said, “She has some incline towards playing with spoon and food and is usually engaged while she does that. You can feed her easily.”


A spoon was introduced into the bowl and she was soon engrossed in playing with that spoon, while I shoved few spoons of food into her mouth. Then, suddenly, she turned to me and said “Papa”


“What? Eat the whole thing quickly”


“Papa” she said again, lifting the spoon filled with the mixture and bringing it towards.


“No, my darling, it will spill down”


“Papa” she continued to move the mixture towards me and towards my mouth.


“Aaa” she said, asking me to open my mouth.


I opened my mouth and she pushed the spoon full of rice mixture into it and started to giggle. That day, for every spoon I fed her, she fed me too and was reluctant to eat until I ate my portion. With teary eyes, I kissed her and said, “Thanks my darling, Last time when someone fed me was decades ago, and it was my mother!!” She smiled in response and am not sure what she understood. This ritual continued for several days later on..


Please share those emotional moments with your kids in the comments below..


Signing off until next week…