Last week, I reported with pride about my daughter’s possessiveness towards me. I enjoy such behavior a lot; extra preference from the angel you created is very special. But then, I discovered lately that there some side-effects of over possessiveness of my daughter.

I reach home late from work after a tiresome one hour drive. My daughter, who acquired the habit of early to bed and early to rise from me, would in most of the cases be fast asleep, as I sneak into the dead-silent home. I learned that door knobs, create tremors, when they are turned. The hinges, I don’t why, never cease to screech. Even the fridge’s honing seem potent enough to wake my daughter, who sleeps light, one more attribute inherited from me. The water, also somehow, seem to gush out and hit the walls of basin with a sole purpose to amplify the sound it creates. While I, with skills comparable to those of a professional thief, manage these plethora of possibilities that can make noise; an innocent breeze, with no bad intentions, accidentally, parts from her parent and enters through some small opening somewhere and in its pursuit of a crack to escape the confined spaces of our apartment and with an urge to reunite with its family, it gently pushes the doors that close with a huge “thud” sound, which will wake my daughter, swinging in her dreamland.

She squeals, turns her slender, flexible body into several contortions that I feel are not humanly possible. Her mother acts quickly, attempts to comfort her, alas, my daughter’s eyes search for strong shoulders and large arms of her dad. I try to hide my huge body, sometimes, kneeling down behind a very low rise bed, sometimes, switching off the lights, sometimes, I freeze wherever I am with no movement. I have no clue how my daughter recognizes my presence; her low intensity cries turn into wails that have a capability to wake our neighbours as well. My wife, tries her best, to help her tired husband, by swinging my daughter in her arms, by trying to feed her, but no technique seem to work in my presence.

I take her into my arms, gently kiss on her forehead and she sleeps on my shoulder like a saint. The loud cries that penetrated our walls and filled the whole building come to a sudden halt. Normalcy is restored. Door screeches, water droplets on the wash basin and other low magnitude sounds regain their strength, which is not significant enough to  wake up a baby, who just found solace in my arms; resting her head in the most awkward position forcing me to tilt my head to accommodate, and with arms around my neck, holding me tight, sometimes leaving me breathless. 

After few gentle pats on the back, and some walking across the bed room, she falls asleep on my shoulder. This is the easiest task; the biggest question infront of me is how to transfer her onto her bed! After months of research on this subject, this is a two staged process that involves slowly sleeping with her on my stomach and turnig to transfer her on to the bed. This used to be quick when she was young and lacked the ability to lift her head. However,now, she raises her head like a snake getting ready to attack, looks at me for few seconds and starts her loud wails. I start the cycle again with a gentle kiss on her forehead! 

During all these numerous cycles, her mother tries her best to relieve me, but this toddler never leaves her dad alone. Even while she sleeps, she greets her dad with sudden strong kicks in the stomach, groin, and there was a time when she slapped across my face when I failed to wake up!!

In the morning, when she wakes up, a good 3 hours after I wake up, I pick her up. After a tight good morning hug, ask her, “Why didn’t you sleep yesterday?” She pulls my ears, rubs her nose against mine, while twitching her eye brows, starts series of playful acts such as pulling my spectacles off, sometimes my hair and sometimes my nose. Any reaction from me acts as a trigger for more such acts and giggles that fill our apartment and cause envy to other inhabitants, especially her mother!

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