Firsts of the kids are always treasured by parents and amongst all these firsts, first steps are special. These first steps, I think, are the first steps towards becoming independent. Earlier, she needed assistance in getting from point A to B and now she doesn’t!!

First few days, she walked as she held my finger. She was excited; standing up and walking really offers a different perspective of the world, when compared to crawling. And then, who wouldn’t cherish company of an awesome dad! It was an amazing experience of she dragging me to where ever she wanted to go. Mesmerized looking at her little, unsteady steps, I had no choice but to follow her.

Then one day, I resisted following her. She dragged me hard and looked at me. Emotions on children’s faces are cute, adorable, even if they mean anger. “Why aren’t you following me”, her twitched forehead and awkwardly positioned nose screamed at me. When I didn’t budge, she left my finger and took her course. I was awestruck; this, I thought, is first of many instances, she would say, “It’s my life” and will set on her own path. I promised her when she was a just a week old, that I would give her that freedom to explore the world, the way she wanted to. I never thought I would get a chance to fulfill the promise in such a short span.

After few tiny little steps forward, she stopped and looked at me, and stretched her hands. She waited for few seconds whilst I was lost in my thoughts and started to take few more steps away from me. That’s when I ran and gave her a tight hug and never let her go. “Your’re growing up” I kissed her forehead and let her go.

Do you guys want to share some of the firsts of your children?