“My Dad Can Do Anything” was printed on my daughter’s T-shirt. “Aren’t we setting very high expectations on Dads?!” I thought to myself. Dads are usually overpowered by mothers in parenting. Mothers have an unexplainable ability to calm down kids, to discipline them, to be the first go-to person for the kids for any solution and in many more aspects. Dads, remain confused, scratching their heads, wondering how mothers pull it off.

I got an opportunity to baby-sit my daughter for few hours alone without my wife. I thought this would be an amazing opportunity to prove the point that Dads are also responsible and can take care of kids. “12 month olds are angels, aren’t they!?” my wife said to me as she handed over the baby to me. “Don’t trouble your dad” she said to our daughter. A smile, which I could not decipher, came as a response. I was confused whether it was that wicked I-take-my-revenge kind of smile or a genuine warm I-love-you-dad kind of smile.

It was an amazing bright sunny day, which helped the damp buildings around to dry. We (I and my daughter) spent quite good time playing with her toys; Stuffed toys – Cute Teddy Bear, a doggie; Noisy Toys – Squeaking Disney characters, a plate (which she banged on floor), Colorful Toys – My old Rubik’s Cube.

Then, suddenly she started to cry. It was difficult to cajole her. Then, I remembered my wife’s checklist

Diapers – Ok

Injuries on body – No injuries

Try carrying her in arms – Didn’t Help

Distract her – Went around the apartment and nothing seems to interest her. She never cries that long as far as I remember. I asked her, “What do you want, darling?”, rubbing her back. “Aaaa”, she said putting her fingers in her mouth, a gesture, she acquired, only few days back. I had no clue how mothers decipher child’s crying in a jiffy and tend to them.

I prepared apple fruit pulp, carrying her all the while. Never thought, there are so many things one can do with single hand! First few spoons were consumed without any hassle, she was hungry. I enjoyed the whole experience of feeding my angel for the first time. A selfie would be great at capture this moment. I took my phone out and attempted to take a selfie, my daughter got excited and toppled the dish with fruit pulp. Alas! Some fruit pulp on her and some on floor and some on my pajamas. “You got to be kidding me” I thought to myself. Left her for a while and went to get a cloth to clean.

By the time I came back, the pulp was on sofa, on her cradle and there were little footsteps all across the hall. And with a naughty smile, there she was, playing with the mud in the flower pots. “Oh god! Let me clean you up” I have no prior experience of giving a bath to her, but the state she was in, covered with dust and mud, called for an immediate shower! She giggled and came crawling towards me. “What did you do? You naughty fellow!” I mocked to be angry. Suddenly, her face radiated innocence, left me with no options but to hug her and kiss her on her cheeks.

She could stand catching my legs. So, bath was relatively easy. She seemed to enjoy the shower. I changed her diapers and dressed her up in yellow t-shirt, with the words “My Dad can do anything” and green bottom. I held her in my arms and took a selfie, and shared with my wife. “Having great time! J”

An instant reply came in, “Wow, you gave a bath to her?”

“I also fed her” I typed in

“Great going, hubby, enjoy, will be there in ten minutes!”

“Huh! Oh no! I need to get the hall cleaned up” I ran to hall and the task definitely needed two hands, but my daughter relentlessly clutched on to me. She was feeling sleeping and she needed me to put her to sleep. This part of the job, was something, I was specialized in. I, slowly rocked her, and there she slowly closed her lids and was asleep. I gently placed her on the bed to clean the hall up.

I ran to the hall. “Ding-dong”, the door bell rang. There she was, my wife. I opened the door and gleaming with pride of achievement, I said “I fed her, gave her a bath and put to sleep” She was very happy and hugged me tight and said “Thank you, you learnt to take responsibilities. She took few steps into the hall and for reasons I could not understand, was spellbound and stood still for few seconds. She gave herself a face palm and started to clean the hall. I volunteered to help but she didn’t allow me to. “Let me handle this!” I took a bowl of ice-cream and retreated to the arm chair in the verandah.

“Dads can really do anything” I thought to myself as the ice-cream melted in my mouth. “It is very difficult to satisfy these perfectionist mothers! That’s ok” I gave myself much needed pat on my back.

Dads out there, do you want to share any such moments with your kids!!

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