I was away from serious blogging for a period of over a half-a-decade. Multitude of changes happened during this period; I got married, completed my masters, handling much more higher responsibilities professionally. However, the most significant change in my life happened last year. We were blessed with a baby girl. Last year zoomed away whilst I was busy watching my angel grow. This, undoubtedly, was the most stressful year and paradoxically, the most joyful year I ever had.

Lately, I kind of digested this insurmountable amount of happiness and started to look around. I learnt pretty soon that I was not the only one going through this phase, there are many other fathers who are experiencing the joy of raising kids. Parenting, like everything else, is undergoing transformation. Fathers’ responsibilities (or shall I say, for ease of understanding , scope of work for fathers) in parenting have increased and the most interesting part is that this change is voluntary. This phenomenon, fortunately, is also noticed by business organizations and Paternal leave policies are undergoing revisions. (My boss allows me a work from home flexibility to look after my kid while my wife works; this provision may be was unthinkable few years ago!!)

I think rising children is a once in a life time experience and very unlikely to repeat itself. I, initially, thought that I would chronicle the life of my little angel from my perspective in a private email account and give those memorable childhood stories back to her, when she is pregnant. While, I was working on this project, writing at least one mail every week, I thought that these stories can be shared with others. Spread the joy, it multiplies! That’s the genesis of Dad’s angels.

I was wary of creating digital footprint of my little angel even before she realizes what it means. Therefore, I thought I will continue to blog about those lovely memories, feelings a father undergoes, some tips and tricks for the community without revealing who my daughter is!!

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