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Happy Father’s Day!

As always, I am unable to fulfill my promise to blog regularly, at least once a week. As a father of a toddler, who walks all around the home, pulls every single cabinet and never leaves her dad for few... Continue Reading →


Odd “Man” out !!

My daughter is growing at an incredible rate. Few months back, I felt that it was dangerous to let her play on swings, slides and see-saws. She was little, fragile and minute to play on those playground equipment. Blank looks, silent... Continue Reading →

That thing which moved me to tears!!

Getting back to office on Mondays was hard earlier, but now after an eventful and joyous weekend with my daughter, it's kind of torture to get back to work on Monday. As the glimpses of the fun I have had... Continue Reading →

Bullying – what’s your take on it?

My daughter, 17 month old then, usually never gets into any kind of tangle with other kids in the play area. Most of the kids take such behaviour as an advantage and snatch her toys from her. She looks at... Continue Reading →

Side-effects of Possessiveness

Last week, I reported with pride about my daughter's possessiveness towards me. I enjoy such behavior a lot; extra preference from the angel you created is very special. But then, I discovered lately that there some side-effects of over possessiveness of... Continue Reading →

Possessiveness Overloaded!!

A hiatus, yet again; Excuse is that I was travelling. Blogs are like Sharks, I read somewhere, they have to keep moving to survive. I ain't let this one expire so soon. We were visiting my parents last month; my... Continue Reading →

First steps

Firsts of the kids are always treasured by parents and amongst all these firsts, first steps are special. These first steps, I think, are the first steps towards becoming independent. Earlier, she needed assistance in getting from point A to... Continue Reading →

My Dad Can Do Anything!!

“My Dad Can Do Anything” was printed on my daughter's T-shirt. "Aren't we setting very high expectations on Dads?!" I thought to myself. Dads are usually overpowered by mothers in parenting. Mothers have an unexplainable ability to calm down kids, to... Continue Reading →


I was away from serious blogging for a period of over a half-a-decade. Multitude of changes happened during this period; I got married, completed my masters, handling much more higher responsibilities professionally. However, the most significant change in my life... Continue Reading →

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